Scope of the conference

This symposium finds its source in the research conducted by Fabien ANSELMET, Professor at Centrale Marseille, in the field of turbulence and in the many national and international collaborations he has maintained throughout his career.This conference will make a state of the art knowledge on the coupling of turbulence with physical processes such as mixing, whether reactive or not, mono or multiphasic, with density variation and / or viscosity, or as aeroacoustics. It will be an opportunity to encourage meetings and discussions between various scientific communities. International participation is expected, the official language of the conference is English.

 Fabien Anselmet

Oral presentations are 'by invitation only'.



This conference is organized jointly by:

Centrale Marseille

from the 9 to the 11 July 2019, on the site of the Centrale Marseille engineering school, next to the laboratory IRPHE which is one of the site of Aix Marseille University. The IRPHE laboratory (CNRS) provides financial management.


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